Loss Control

People who own and manage businesses are focused on turning a profit. This is a wise priority to hold, as any company that does not turn a profit is unlikely to survive in the long run. However, maintaining a healthy bottom line requires more than just profit. It's also critical to manage, mitigate and prevent losses.

Loss control is something that many new entrepreneurs fail to fully consider. They are dealing with manufacturing and suppliers, looking for ways to get their goods to the market and developing a marketing strategy. This means that a natural disaster, accident, theft or other unexpected event aren't necessarily on their radar. When the unexpected does arise, the entrepreneur is utterly unprepared for the damage that ensues. This may cause the operation to fold even before it really gets off the ground.

The risks may be just as stark for a large, well-established organization. With so many moving parts, including installations in various states or even countries, it can be excessively difficult to enact effective loss management policies across the board. In fact, it may a great deal more sensible to utilize different loss prevention practices depending upon location and the precise details of the operation. That's because all it takes is for one thing to go wrong, and then the entire supply chain may be affected.

Because loss can happen anytime, anywhere, it's vital that businesses of all sizes have appropriate loss control protection.

The NXG Insurance Group Solution

At NXG Insurance Group, we understand how important the smooth operation of your business is to its bottom line. Anything that disrupts that smooth operation can send profits and stock prices plummeting. Employee injuries, theft, data hacks, fires and natural disasters are just a few examples of the problems that can arise in the course of any company's lifetime. Any of these may result in a severe economic loss unless the organization has a solid risk management plan.

Loss prevention and risk management are the keys to being prepared for the unexpected. With a plan in place, it's possible to minimize risks and costs before a loss occurs. However, no plan can be put in place until a great deal of thought has gone into identifying the unique risks that your business faces.

The more you understand about risk and loss, the better prepared you will be when the unexpected becomes reality.

What Is Loss Control?

Controlling loss encompasses various approaches that are designed to reduce how severe any loss may be and how frequently such losses occur. Another way to think of loss prevention is in terms of minimizing risks. When your business faces fewer risks, the chances of confident and profitable operation multiply.

Numerous risk-control techniques may be employed to minimize the potential for losses. These techniques may include:

- Segregation of exposure to risk
- Risk avoidance
- Industrial hygiene
- Workplace safety
- Noise control
- Product quality control
- Machine guarding
- Fire and explosion safety

The hazards that your organization faces every day may come about as a result of human error or unsafe acts. Moreover, the workplace itself may be hazardous. Heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment and commercial vehicles may all be subject to accidents or misuse. In some environments, the odds of sparking a fire or explosion are inordinately high. Whether an incident involves human error, equipment malfunction or a combination of these elements and others, the economic loss may be significant. It's also possible that your company's reputation may suffer in the minds of consumers.

What Can NXG Insurance Group Do?

NXG Insurance Group employs a risk engineering team that are leaders in their field. They devise customized loss prevention plans that are designed to create the safest work environment possible. This makes the business more profitable, enhances its reputation and goes a long way toward ensuring longevity.

Risk management and loss prevention plans have numerous components. These may include identifying and evaluating where your business' greatest risk exposures lie, preparing you to handle a loss should one occur and training your workforce in the best available safety practices.

Customization Leads to Success

Not only is every industry different but also every business within that industry is unique. Accordingly, there is no room for a one-size-fits-all loss prevention plan. This is why our risk engineering team closely works with each client to build a plan that is realistic, enforceable and achievable.

The process typically begins with a thorough review of the company's environment and equipment. We'll even talk to employees and review training practices. This helps to identify where losses have occurred in the past and how to prevent them in the future. Preventative strategies can transform your company's bottom line and ensure the safety of your employees and the workplace.

The risk management and safety programs that NXG Insurance Groups provides to its clients include:

- Driver safety
- Ergonomic tips
- Evaluation of workplace safety
- Safety advice for company leadership
- Information for safeguarding machines
- Preparation for accident investigations
- Steps to take in the immediate aftermath of an accident

Working With Insurance Carriers and You

The professionals at NXG Insurance Group are a valuable conduit between our clients and the companies that insure them. We help you manage the claims process, but we're also there for you to ensure that your business is properly evaluated for risk. With our assistance, you will be able to minimize your risk exposure and respond more proactively when things go wrong.