With over 40 years of experience in the Insurance and Risk Management field the Principles of NXG have a greater vision of the needs and challenges insureds face in todays ever changing environment of risks and exposures. Most insurance agents just place coverage with a carrier, issue a few certificates and hope that the insured does not have claims. We at NXG take a much different, proactive approach with our clients. By being proactive in the areas of Loss Control and Risk Management our clients significantly reduce their number of claims. A company whose employees are more trained and educated in safety for the job they are doing will have a safer work place. It is proven that a safer work place will subsequently lower claims and eventually insurance premiums.

NXG views all its clients as partners and the reason is very simple. Our staff will work directly with each company to identify areas that may need improvements. We will develop a plan but also implement that plan with your company. Every company has different needs which is why no one plan is the same. It may be better trainings or certifications that are needed or simply helping a company record and track their OSHA logs. When you partner with NXG all of your service and training needs are handled by our employees rather than being outsourced to third parties at additional cost. Our in house Loss Control and Claims Management teams work hand in hand to ensure we are always being proactive when things arise.