Claims Advocacy

When your business suffers a loss or damage to property, it's natural for management to want operations to return to normal as soon as possible. That is rarely an easy task, but the claims advocacy experts at NXG Insurance Group stand ready to move the process forward.

At NXG Insurance, our professionals do everything possible to minimize risks so that our clients are less likely to suffer a loss. However, it is not possible to prevent every instance of loss. This means that it is critical to do everything possible to streamline the claims process. With the claim paid, it is possible for the business to resume normal operations.

One of NXG Insurance Group's core competencies is our ability to act as advocates for our clients when they have a claim. We understand that navigating the insurance landscape is confusing. What's more, time spent dealing with insurance claims is time spent away from the essential aspects of running a business. That translates to the loss of productivity and profits, and that can spell disaster for companies of any size.

Additionally, suffering a loss or dealing with property damage is stressful. It's easy for the business owner to jump to conclusions about how much the damage will cost to repair or even to make the assumption that the replacement of equipment is the only option. It's also not unusual for clients to wonder how this loss will affect their ability to maintain insurance. When these questions arise, it's imperative that clients get in touch with NXG Insurance Group.

Contingency Planning to Prevent Disaster

When the right insurance coverage is in place, then there is little reason to worry about the scope of protection or the danger of losing a policy. NXG Insurance Group protects each of its clients by thoroughly reviewing the business' operations to see where vulnerabilities lie. This may involve reviewing past instances of loss to determine where future losses are most likely to happen. Then, NXG Insurance Group locates appropriate insurance protection that covers all of these eventualities.

In addition, NXG Insurance Group works with clients to address unique risks so that they are less likely to happen. With the assistance of risk management professionals, it's possible to discover lurking vulnerabilities that could become enormous liabilities. Accordingly, changes to policies and procedures are efficiently facilitated so that these risks are minimized.

Some preventative planning goes a long way. It's just one of the measures that NXG Insurance Group takes to ensure that its clients are less likely to need our claims advocacy services.

Expert Claims Advocacy

We're there for our clients, day or night, when a loss occurs. That's because we understand that your company may operate on a 24-hours a day, seven days a week basis. A loss is possible at any time, and this makes our availability critical to the success of your business.

As soon as you inform us of a loss, we go straight to work, searching for an expedited solution. By working with you and your insurance company, we're able to resolve issues with speed. Even complicated claims become simplified thanks to the involvement of NXG Insurance Group.

We also provide on-the-spot advice on how to respond in the event of damage or loss. When you're dealing with the loss of property, it's wise to avoid making guesses about how the insurance company will respond or how far-reaching the consequences of the loss may be. Instead, we counsel for caution and for allowing the claims process to take its course.

This does not mean that NXG Insurance Group will refuse to step in if we believe that your insurance company is not reacting as expeditiously as they should. It is our duty to facilitate the claims process so that less of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. What's more, the claims process is one that we understand inside and out. We work in the insurance industry every day, which provides us with insight that it would be virtually impossible for our clients to have. Accordingly, we know when claims are progressing correctly, and when things need to be steered in the right direction.

Assistance From Beginning to End

We provide guidance to our clients at every step of the way. Our claims experts can be on the site with you, determining which steps should be taken next. If theft or vandalism played a role in the loss, then we'll help you deal with the police. We'll also help you to document the loss. From taking photographs to saving samples of damaged equipment or products, our services are varied and comprehensive.

At your request, we further can provide help with documentation and record keeping regarding the loss. Our expert-level knowledge of the insurance industry guides us to the kind of documentation that insurance companies expect. We'll gather detailed records of expenses and maintain receipts. Ensuring that invoices are properly detailed and acting as a liaison with the insurance adjuster when it comes to solidifying salvage efforts are just two more examples of our full-service commitment to our customers.

Getting Your Operation Back to Normal

The goal of the professionals at NXG Insurance Group is to return your company to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible. This means less lost time and profits, and that translates to fewer headaches for you.

Our comprehensive services ensure that you are protected before, during and after a loss. Plus, our dedication to expediting claims is second to none. We know that your business and your employees depend upon the smooth operation of your company. When something interrupts that operation, it is critical that it be corrected with all possible speed.

NXG Insurance Group helps you to get beyond obstructions in the claims process. With help from our knowledgeable professionals, you'll be able to protect your assets, supervise the necessary repairs and get back to the seamless operation of your business. Contact NXG Insurance Group today to learn more about how we can streamline the claims process for you.